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Even the Toy Fair attendees haven't seen this one yet! We're ridiculously excited to be making action figures based on the decades-spanning classic Godzilla franchise, and at last we can offer fans a peek. Classic Series 1 will include 2 versions of Godzilla -- this fellow is from 1994's Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla... (Keep reading for

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Who's that cat? Every year we build a ton of custom dioramas for Toy Fair, so that our action figures can have an appropriate backdrop. The crowds loved this one, the smaller (and more claustrophobic!) of our two Alien dioramas, but you know who didn't? Keep scrolling for the answer and a very interesting clue!

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It's a horror first for horror fans! And a treat for old-school fans as well! Our line of retro clothed action figures will be home to the first ever figure of "Jason" (aka Roy) from Friday the 13th Part 5, and to celebrate the occasion, we've even commissioned custom artwork for the packaging. And since

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It's a deadly duo of debuts! Visitors to our booth at Toy Fair are getting a first look at two hotly anticipated series of action figures - Alien Series 3, which includes a special 35th Anniversary tribute figure, and Predator Series 12, which includes a couple of action figure firsts! Check 'em out: Alien –

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Why so serious? It's the most wonderful time of the year -- TOY FAIR! Yes, it's that special time of year when a young man's fancy turns to the thought of... toys. Wonderful, magical toys. New York Toy Fair has just kicked off, and we're practically bursting with new announcements, first looks and awesome surprises.

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