U.S. - Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtle - TMNT (Cartoon) Channel 6 Newsroom 4 Pack and Accessory Set Bundle

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This bundle includes the Channel 6 Newsroom 4 Pack and the Channel 6 Accessory Set.
Channel 6 Newsroom 4 Pack
Are you kitten me right meow? A freak accident turns April into a feisty feline, and frantic antics ensue in "The Catwoman from Channel 6"! Includes four action figures (Catwoman April, Irma, Burne, Vernon) and accessories galore: 2 studio lights, 2 video cameras, boom mic, headset, camera bag, bowl of turtle soup, spoon, "Hunky Reporter" photo, Tiffany photo, cat, toy mouse, mutant turtle Burne, mutant turtle Vernon, alternate blindfolded Vernon head, alternate angry Burne head, interchangeable Were-Rat Irma arms and head, and interchangeable hands. The deluxe box packaging features the Channel 6 skyscraper and includes a newsroom backdrop perfect for posing your figures!
Channel 6 News Accessory Set
Support your favorite on-the-scene news crew with this exclusive crate of merchandise for TMNT's Channel 6 News! From the classic cartoon series, the box includes a t-shirt (unisex sizing), enamel pin (1.5" W), iron-on patch (3" x 2.5"), poster (18" x 24"), and press ID (2.5" x 4" on 36" lanyard).
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