(US ONLY) Batman (1989 Film) – Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle

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This bundle is for PRE-SALE and includes a Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica and a Batman (1989) Batarang Prop Replica. Bundle will ship together in June 2023.

Where does he get those wonderful toys? From NECA, of course! Our DC Prop Replica line includes this wearable, movie-authentic Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica and the Batarang Prop Replica, both from the 1989 film that defined Batman for a new generation.

Customize your Utility Belt’s four slots with any combination of the eight included cartridges – torch, taser, scanner, micro camera, re-breather, gas pellets, and smoke bombs. More gadgets will magnetically attach to the front: Batarang, Grapnel Launcher and Communicator.

The belt even has two removable face plates that reveal more of the crime fighter’s secret tools in serving justice across Gotham City. Adjusts in the back to fit waists from 31.5 to 50 inches.

The Batarang is one of the Dark Knight's most iconic tools in serving justice across Gotham City. The Batarang measures 7" long with articulated hinges and magnets, allowing it to open and close. Also included is a display base for exhibiting in your own personal Bat Cave.