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First look at Robocop with Jetpack and Assault Cannon, plus a special "in progress" reveal of our next Rambo! You asked, we listened! Our newest announcements include a Deluxe Robocop with the accessories fans demanded over and over again, and Rambo as we best know him -- shirtless, armed to the gills and ready for

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ed-209 action figure, Robocop, robocop action figures, robocop ed-209 action figure, robocop ed-209 figure, Toy Fair -

From the original 1987 Robocop, it's the ED-209! All week we're bringing you special looks from this year's Toy Fair in NYC, and next up, it's the future of law enforcement! Fully automated, the Enforcement Droid Series 209 (ED-209 for short) from RoboCop was to be the next wave in robotic policing. Well, we all

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