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Hail to the king, baby... both of them! In the ultimate battle of good versus evil, Ash versus Ash, Chin versus Chin, who will reign supreme? We'll find out soon! (More specifically, May for Hero Ash and July for Deadite Ash.) In the meantime, we took our upcoming retro-style clothed action figures from Evil Dead

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200 Hitler knock-outs, and at least that many Chitauri! The First Avenger has seen plenty of combat, and now he's got the action figure to prove it! But as this new battle-damaged 1/4 scale figure shows, even when Cap takes a lickin' he keeps on tickin'. You can expect Battle-Damaged Captain America to hit stores

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Start the new year right with a Predators action figure update! In case you missed it amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Series 11 of our Predators action figures are in retail stores now! We were so busy getting everything lined up for the impending Toy Fair season that we almost forgot to

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Let the record show that ED-209 is a lean, mean crime-fighting machine. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you conclusive proof that the Enforcement Droid 209 is an adversary worthy of Robocop. The video and photographs being introduced into evidence make it clear that no longer does Robocop need to waste his talent running down

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Today on Twitter, Director of Product Development Randy Falk revealed breaking news about Predator Series 7, Mogwai Series 3, and Prometheus Series 2! Check it out!

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