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Our classic Godzilla line continues! Your favorite kaiju is back and better than ever! He was first revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, and now with a newly re-sculpted head and new paint deco (all based on fan feedback), Godzilla is ready to rumble. Check out his debut studio appearance below, and let us know what

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Godzilla is ready for his close-up! We just can't get enough Godzilla, and judging by the feedback we've been getting, neither can you! The behemoth first revealed last week graciously agreed to swing by our studio, and we think you'll enjoy the results. Shockingly, no skyscrapers were harmed in the making of this photo shoot.

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Oh no, there goes Tokyo It's impossible not to crib lines from Blue Oyster Cult when writing an intro for arguably the most famous monster of all time. In fact, we dare you to look through these studio shots of our upcoming 12" Head-to-Tail Godzilla figure on the rampage and successfully resist the urge to

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