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Behind The Scenes, Chop Top, Texas Chainsaw Massacre -

Shipping mid-October! Chop Top might look a little hippy-dippy, but he’s definitely one to avoid. Check out Leatherface’s maniac brother in this new photo gallery for our second figure from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2! Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – 8” Clothed Figure – Chop Top Click on the thumbnails for larger versions: It’s the 30th […]

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Behind The Scenes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ultimate Leatherface -

Can you survive… …the Ultimate Leatherface figure? We have recent photographic evidence that the masked killer already has his chainsaw oiled and ready — and he’ll be brandishing it in stores soon! The figure starts shipping to retailers at the beginning of September, so check out the photo gallery below and be prepared. Texas Chainsaw […]

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