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200 Hitler knock-outs, and at least that many Chitauri! The First Avenger has seen plenty of combat, and now he's got the action figure to prove it! But as this new battle-damaged 1/4 scale figure shows, even when Cap takes a lickin' he keeps on tickin'. You can expect Battle-Damaged Captain America to hit stores

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Iron Man Lives Again!!! Want to end your week on a high note? Then feast your peepers on the 1/4 Scale Iron Man action figure! Behold 1/4 Scale Iron Man's light-up chest, palms and head! Tremble before his cold, movie-accurate gaze, and imagine how it would look even more awesome on your shelf than it

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A special look at Captain America and Iron Man in 1/4 scale Format! In another round of behind-the-scenes shots, Randy shared images of our upcoming Captain America action figure, which is coming out before the end of January next year. Then, for the first time ever, a shot of the Iron Man figure too! Here's

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