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A Dozen New Figures in All! We’re preparing two extra-awesome releases for retailer shipments this week, both from extremely well-known series. Our 3rd series of celebrity guest action figures from The Simpsons is rolling out, which gets a definite “Woo-hoo!” With celebrities and new core character figures combined, you’ll have 11 new additions to your collection! Also shipping is the very sinister deluxe Shadow of Diablo figure — check out the articulation on that tail! Expect to see all appearing on store shelves throughout the next couple of weeks. Diablo III – Deluxe Action Figure – Shadow of Diablo Since...

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It’s a week of debuts for NECA! All three of the products making their way to retailers this week are first releases from their lines! It’s a proud day for any company… Our first Godzilla action figure, the first release from our partnership with Blizzard for Diablo III, and Series 1 action figures for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. While we start up a new baby book, check out the pics and details below, and start planning your route to your favorite local (or online) store! Godzilla – 12″ Head To Tail Action Figure – Modern Godzilla From...

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