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To end all wars You know the deal by now. Hell, our Gears of War figures are practically an institution at this point. Marcus Fenix and company are back in action against the Locust Horde to close out the war once and for all, and after the excellence that came with  our Series 1 and Series 2 figures for the game, we decided to make it a trilogy of our own. The result is Gears of War 3 Series 3, which is our most detailed and biggest series yet! Marcus Fenix returns after leading off the first series. This time,...

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After what feels like months of preparation (because it has been), NECA is finally proud to say that our first series of Gears of War 3 action figures is now available! Gears of War 3 Series 1 features three all-new figures of some of our favorite COGs from the latest installment in the Epic Games franchise. Marcus Fenix returns as the lead in both the game and our line of figures, and he’s joined by Clayton Carmine and the newest of the COG forces, Anya Stroud! Things are pretty tough for the COGs these days, what with the flooding of...

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This Friday, with an early dose of Christmas spirit, Randy decided to kick the contest up a notch and pick 10 lucky winners to receive a Gears Of War 3 Retro Lancer. Originally, one winner was going to be picked from the pictures taken at our booth during SDCC 2011, and another picked from the fans at home that uploaded their GOW pictures to our Fan Page. Just 5x More Prizes… If you’ve seen our Fan page’s wall during SDCC (from 7/20 to 7/24) you know how awesome the submissions were. We were very excited about all of the entries, and...

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