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What is TabApp? TabApp is an exciting new line of HeroClix from our friends at WizKids that reinvents video and action figure gaming! Bringing together iPad-ready app software and touchscreen technology, TabApp lets your figures take part in virtual battles for the first time ever. The HeroClix TabApp was originally announced back in May, but as we’re getting closer to the Fall 2012 release, it’s time for a closer look. Check out the video below: TabApp works like this: What about the figures? The first line of TabApp HeroClix will be Marvel Superheroes, with favorites from the two most popular...

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Blockbuster Season Begins! Sure, the idea of “clobbering time” is pretty much trademarked by the Fantastic Four, but we all know that Joss “The Boss” Whedon’s new movie version of Marvel Comics’ classic The Avengers is going to be the biggest, most action-packed superhero thriller yet. We’re not sayin’ it’s going to make X-Men look like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — we’re just sayin’. The movie’s out tomorrow, May 4! So let the summer blockbuster season officially begin! As ever, NECA is ready for action. We’ve got a new collection of Avenger HeadKnockers shipping in the middle of...

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