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Shipping to retailers this week! A raccoon, a giant tree and four turtles – it’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s the latest additions to our line of Scalers mini-characters! Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Scalers are currently shipping out to retailers, so check out the galleries below and get ready to add them to your cords, cables, rearview mirrors, bags… you get the idea. Scalers – 2” Characters – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Assortment Click the thumbnails for larger images: From the classic late ’80s cartoon, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ready for...

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Ready to hang? Shipping to retailers this week, it’s the second series in our hit line of collectible minis for your cords and cables — Scalers! Wave 2 adds six characters from Marvel, DC, Planet of the Apes and Pacific Rim, with even more to come… we’ll have news about Wave 3 soon. Keep scrolling for pictures, info and video! Scalers – Collectible Minis – Wave 2 Assortment These cute, collectible minis add a dose of cool to anything they can fit their little hands around. The Series 2 Assortment includes Iron Man and Spider-Man (MARVEL), Knifehead (PACIFIC RIM), Batman...

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The Smash Hit of Toy Fair 2014 is Now an eBay Staff Pick! From Wednesday, March 5 until Wednesday, March 12, a full set of the Wave 1 Scalers will run as an eBay Staff Pick. That means that for $24.99, you can pick up all 6 characters in the first wave, plus get FREE SHIPPING! Access Daily Deal! These adorable minis grip headphone cords, device cables and more, and feature an amazing level of detail. The Wave 1 Set includes Gizmo (Gremlins), Gollum (Lord of the Rings), Predator (Predator), Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason Voorhees (Friday the...

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Just One Week To Go! These little guys have been having a big impact – the feedback from fans has been overwhelming! With just a week to go until Scalers Wave 1 hits retail shelves, we put together a new trailer for your viewing pleasure. It’s a fun reminder that while they’re meant for cords and cables, you shouldn’t stop there! We’ll also have some exciting news about Wave 2 to announce next week during Toy Fair, so stay tuned! Scalers Collectible Minis Trailer

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Hang ’em from your cords and cables! Shipping to retailers this week, it’s our newest line of collectible minis — but these don’t go on your shelf! Scalers attach to a stunning variety of cords and cables for a new, fun way to accessorize electronics. The first wave contains 6 iconic characters, and news about the second wave is just around the corner. Keep scrolling for images and video, and check out the new Scalers home page, where we’ll be posting additional trailers soon! Scalers – Collectible Minis – Wave 1 Assortment Click on the thumbnail for a hi res...

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