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It’s Heavy Hitters Week at the NECA Warehouse! The two massive figures rolling out to retailers this week have something in common: you do NOT want to run into them in a dark alley. Or a well-lit alley. The Batman 1/4 Scale Action Figure from the iconic 1989 movie features Michael Keaton’s likeness, and is fully equipped to battle street crime with his “wonderful toys.” The Bioshock Infinite George Washington Motorized Patriot also features a well-known likeness and is prepared to do some serious damage in battle, thanks to his colossal Gatling gun. Check out the details below, and be...

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It’s an epic week at the NECA warehouse! This week we’re sending THREE amazing figures out to retailers, just in time for advance holiday shopping (or gifting to yourself). The highly anticipated 1966 Batman 1/4 Scale Action Figure is a tribute to the quintessential Batman, Mr. Adam West. It’s loaded with a fantastic level of detail, like a functioning utility belt. Shipping alongside the Caped Crusader is the new Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger and Knifehead Action Figure 2-Pack, which were created directly from the digital files used to make the massive Jaeger and Kaiju come to life in the movie....

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