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Hello, test subjects! Cave Johnson here. A few weeks ago we started up our fledgling Test on Your Own Time initiative, where we give YOU, the at-home tester, the opportunity to TEST AT HOME for NO PAY while also PAYING for your OWN TEST EQUIPMENT. Exciting stuff. We are gonna save a bundle. Anyway, demand was so high on pre-orders for the P-body device (on sale July 1st) that the entire pre-order allotment sold out in less than two hours. So: We produced an ADDITIONAL 240 units, available for pre-order TONIGHT at midnight EST. These things’ll go hotcake-fast, so do...

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The NEW Portal Replica Is Coming Time has flown by since we announced our partnership with Valve one year ago. With the release of the Portal device replica things have hit a boiling point – and this is just the beginning! We had high expectations for the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, and thanks to the support of the Portal community around the world, these expectations were greatly exceeded. Presenting P-body’s Portal Device With Great Demand, Comes Great Responsibility Over the last few weeks, we have received a large influx of feedback from the community. A significant portion of this...

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