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A blockbuster bunch of figures are busting out! Toy Fair is all wrapped up, and we’re back to business, with an extra-large list of shipments headed out this week! Massive kaiju, the Man of Steel, a mustachioed Gentleman Caller Claptrap and a menacing Gremlins stunt puppet will reach retailers soon, so prepare yourselves. Pacific Rim – Series 3 Kaiju Ultra Deluxe Action Figures This series includes Trespasser and an all-new, battle-damaged Knifehead. Trespasser is the first Kaiju to emerge from the breach. It is huge in every way and features incredible detail, an enormous back fin, and over 20 points...

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Gentleman Caller Claptrap Does Not Approve Of This Introduction According to our Victorian-era guide to etiquette, a proper introduction involves a calling card, a silver tray, a doorman, and some other stuff we couldn’t read due a sudden onset of terminal boredom. So just pretend that we did all that, OK? After the incredible response to the original Claptrap, the Limited Edition Blu14 Claptrap and the Jakobs Claptrap… we are extremely excited to present the Gentleman Caller Claptrap! Borderlands Gentleman Caller Claptrap Deluxe Action Figure Gentleman Caller Claptrap sports his formal tuxedo, a mustache, a top hat, and a monocle....

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Borderlands Madness Continues! Hey, we can’t blame you for a little Claptrap mania. Helpful as the little guys are in navigating around Pandora, we want as many of them around as possible too. After the love the first Claptrap got, and the response to the Limited Edition Blu14 Claptrap, we couldn’t stop there even if we wanted to! The latest is the Jakobs Brand Claptrap, which shows up in Jakobs Cove. Randy Tweeted the first look at the fanciest Claptrap yet, and here it is! Borderlands Jakobs Brand Claptrap Deluxe Action Figure “Been a long time since I came back...

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Want a case of the Blues? Well, you better act fast! By the blues, of course we mean the Deluxe Blu14 Claptrap Action Figure from Borderlands. What else would we be talking about? The Blu14 is a ONE TIME ONLY production run, and we’re not making more. So if you want one, keep a keen eye on the shelves of your favorite retailer, because they’re shipping now. Borderlands Blu14 Claptrap Deluxe Action Figure Please don’t chew my head. Please don’t chew my head! Get informed The popular breakout character from Borderlands is re-created here in this special limited-edition figure based...

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Here’s a round-up of the latest figures on their way to stores now! Here at NECA HQ, we never slow down. Shipping right now are brand new figures from Predators, The Avengers, and Borderlands, and we can’t wait for you to be able to see them in the flesh. ..Or, you know, at least in the plastic. 2013’s off to a raging start with the new Captain America 1/4 Scale Action Figure, two Predators 1/4 Scale Series 2 Action Figures and the Borderlands Blu14 Claptrap Deluxe Action Figure! Just try to keep up: Captain America 1/4 Scale Action Figure The...

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