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Who said there’s no money in cosplay? This week, Irrational Games announced they’ve hired Russian model Anna Moleva to play the part of Elizabeth from BioShock for upcoming ads and events surrounding the release date of BioShock Infinite on March 26, 2013. In itself, that’s not really news. Companies hire pretty girls all the time for that kind of thing. The difference is Anna — who also goes by “Ormeli” on DeviantArt — looks SO MUCH LIKE Elizabeth that it’s almost disturbing. Irrational took Anna’s headshots and combined them with the Elizabeth character, and the likeness is unreal: Click image...

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Greetings trick-or-treaters, The most famous pagan dress-up tradition in the world has come to and end, even though we’re still knee deep in Kit Kats and M&Ms, and it’s time to announce the 5 lucky winners of the 2011 NECA Halloween Contest. Your submissions were nothing short of amazing and we had a really hard time picking the best ones. Sugar high or not, below are 5 folks that put a ton of effort into their costumes, divided by category: 1. Kids Costume Winner The winner will take home an assortment of our cutest plush and children-oriented merchanside. We’d be...

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