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Featuring Liquid Nitrogen T-1000, Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800, and the first-ever Kyle Reese action figure! Our Terminator Series 3 action figures are shipping now and they’re some of our best renditions yet! In this line, you get a new Schwarzenegger, a Liquid Nitrogen T-1000, and the aforementioned Mr. Reese, as seen in the very first Terminator movie from 1984. Kyle Reese Action Figure Frozen somewhere between terror and bravery, the look on Kyle Reese’s face says it all. A perfect likeness of the hero from the original Terminator film, the Kyle Reese figure even includes a shotgun and a photo...

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News And Announcements, Terminator, terminator action figures, terminator action figures series 3, terminator figures, terminator kyle reese, terminator neca -

Check Out Never-Before-Seen Packaging Shots of Terminator Series 3 Action Figures! A couple weeks back, we unveiled our latest batch of Terminator action figures. Terminator Series 3 features the first-ever figure of Kyle Reese and the Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800 from the original movie (first announced after Toy Fair), as well as the Liquid Nitrogen T-1000 from Terminator 2! Today we present an exclusive first look at the packaging for these much-anticipated figures: Kyle Reese T-800 (Tanker Truck Pursuit) T-1000 (Liquid Nitrogen) Stay Tuned We’ll have more on these figures closer to their October release — in the meantime, you...

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Our Director of Product Development, Randy Falk, reveals upcoming figures and more at SDCC 2012! If you’re on Twitter, what you need to do immediately is follow Randy’s feed @NECA_TOYS. Why, you ask? How about last Thursday when Randy unveiled a slew of upcoming licenses and figures for the rest of this year and beyond? It was glorious. We could just say better luck next time and all that, but because we’re kind souls, here are just some of the best shots from Randy’s preview-night reveals at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Of course, none of these images are necessarily...

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This week we talked about what was shown (and stolen) at the 2012 NYC Toy Fair. Today, we’re going to briefly mention what you havent seen from us, things that are still in very early stages of production. San Diego Comic Con Exclusive – We have a handful of exclusives in the works, expect to see images and details in early May They will be available in July during SDCC of course Toys ‘R Us Exclusives – To be revealed throughout the year, some of these items will surprise you. Expect them to start showing up soon. But of course,...

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