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Look for these in the coming weeks! Later this week, a veritable bonanza of figures will be heading out from the NECA warehouse. Retailers will soon be receiving Friday the 13‘s Ultimate Part 6 Jason, the massive Big Chap 1/4 scale from 1979’s Alien, and three new characters from the online Blizzard universe brawler Heroes of the Storm: Stitches, Tyrael and Arthas! More info and images below. Friday the 13th – 7” Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Part 6 Jason Click on the thumbnails for larger versions: To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th Part 6, we present...

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Coming soon to retail stores! What’s shipping from the NECA warehouse this week? We’ve got two new Scalers from Terminator: Genisys, plus a very special video game tribute… From the classic Friday the 13th video game, Jason comes in a display-worthy box that plays theme music from the game! Video, images and more info below. Friday the 13th – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Classic Video Game Appearance Jason with Theme Music Packaging Click on the thumbnails for larger versions: To celebrate the 13th figure in our classic video game tribute series, we’re bringing back the one that started it...

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Coming soon to retailers! It’s a week of horror at the NECA warehouse! We’re shipping out the latest video game tribute figure (Mohawk from Gremlins 2); the retro Jason Lives clothed figure (from Friday the 13th Part 6); and for all you metal fans out there, the super-limited edition Iron Maiden Powerslave bust! Check the details and images below, and look for these in stores soon. Gremlins 2 – 7” Scale Action Figure – Mohawk (Video Game Appearance) Click on the thumbnails for larger versions: NECA’s line of classic video game tribute figures welcomes the most evil Gremlin of them...

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Ten New Products Shipping this Week! Our warehouse is brimming with new products ready to roll out to retailers this week: Predator and Dog Alien video game tribute figures, five new Scalers from across the Marvel and DC universes, plus the addition of Freddy, Jason and Godzilla to our line of Body Knockers (check out the full line and video here). Info below – look for them in your favorite stores soon! Predator 2 – 7” Scale Action Figure – City Hunter (Video Game Appearance) Click the thumbnails for larger images: City Hunter stands 8″ tall, with over 25 points...

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Coming soon to a retailer near you! This week our warehouse is hard at work shipping new items from Pacific Rim, Friday the 13th and Alien to retailers! Keep an eye out, because the Series 5 Jaeger action figures and Series 2 Full-Size Scalers will be appearing on store shelves soon. Check out the galleries below! Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Series 5 Jaeger Assortment Click the thumbnails for larger images. Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger features battle damage from its fight with Knifehead at the beginning of the movie, and uses new, unique tooling not seen on...

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