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Coming soon to a retailer near you! This week’s retailer shipments are kicking it old school — all are based on classic video games! Light up the night with fear in a replica of the glow-in-the-dark mask Jason wears in the 1989 Friday the 13th video game. Then relive some of the toughest battles in 1993’s Robocop Vs. The Terminator with two assortments of figures from the game. Check out the galleries below for images of the figures in and out of packaging. Friday the 13th (1989 Video Game) – Prop Replica – Glow in the Dark Jason Mask Click...

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He thinks that’s funny. He thinks that’s a funny thing he’s doing.  — Jimmy, The Final Chapter A love of the classics It’s been 30 years since Friday the 13th Part III came out, and no fewer than eight movies have been made featuring Jason Vorhees since The Final Chapter was released in 1984, but like the landmark franchise from which they come, they’ve stood the test of time. Today we highlight a new series of definitive Jason Vorhees action figures and take a look at two new Jason masks from the Pt. 3 and Final Chapter installments! Pt. 3...

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