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The Customizable Portal Device In Action Following the phenomenal success of our 3 different ASHPD’s, we went back to the tech wizards at Aperture Laboratories to create a brand new ASHPD kit that allows you to customize your own personalized version of the device. The Customizable Device Kit features a blank white device and all the trimmings that enable you to create an Atlas, P-body, or Chell version of the device or use your imagination and create your own. For Science! The Kit includes 4 Aperture Laboratories decals along with 4 plastic stripes with magnetic backing that you can attach...

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While the gettin’s good The 3rd edition of the highly successful Portal ASHPD replicas, Atlas is the 2nd of the Co-Op Portal devices, following the launch of the P-body device a few months ago. Like the previous ones, Atlas had a limited run of 5,000, and tonight we have a new batch going up for sale. Let me make this big so you can see it: Check our Official NECA Facebook page at 10 PM Eastern tonight (Aug. 9) to find out how to buy one of the last few remaining Atlas’ Portal ASHPD replicas. The link to the Facebook...

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Showing a little love What a weekend! NECA’s booth at SDCC was packed from the word go, full of people picking up exclusives and getting things signed, taking pictures, meeting, greeting, seeing, being seen. It was an amazing time, as always, and we can’t say thanks enough to everyone who stopped in at Booth #3145 to check out our goods and all the upcoming items we were proud to show off. Extra huge appreciation — in classic “shout-out” form (I think that’s what the kids are calling it these days) — goes out to Valve for sharing part of their...

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5/1/2012 UPDATE – The 50 units we had available have been sold. Please keep an eye here or on Facebook for more news soon. Happy Monday, Portal Fans! Ever since we officially announced we’re making the Portal Replica, the anxiety (even here in the office) has been building up. A little over a month ago we started the official pre-orders for the APSHD, which were sold out in less than 24 hours. A little after that, we announced a new list of international retailers, and today we’re announcing the two brick & mortar retailers that will have the replica available...

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Update 4/20/2012 – More Canadian Retailers have been added! As we come closer to shipping date, we wanted to announce a more complete list of International retailers that will carry the Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device. When we first announced the Portal Replica pre-orders, we only listed 2 retailers, in the UK and in Mexico. We now have a more complete list, as you can see below. Canada Toys on Fire – Nepean, ON; Outremont, QC – www.toysonfire.com Planet X – Comics, Toys, Games, and Collectibles – Toronto Beaches & Richmond Hill – www.ePlanetx.com The Comic Book Shoppe 2 –...

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