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WizkKids introduces two brand new convention-exclusive HeroClix — Marvel’s Shuma-Gorath and DC Comics’ Trinity of Sin! He’s “He Who Sleeps But Shall Awake,” and they’re the “Greatest Transgressors Of Mankind,” but together, Shuma-Gorath and the Trinity of Sin make up WizKids’ brand new 2013 Convention-Exclusive HeroClix! The Trinity of Sin consists of Pandora, Question and Phantom Stranger. All three figures will be sold as a set at cons this year for $24.99. The much-requested Shuma-Gorath — complete with an ARTICULATED EYE! — comes in special closed-box packaging and costs $50. To the galleries! Shuma-Gorath Con-Exclusive HeroClix! Click any image to...

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Star Trek Fleet Captains and Mage Knight Secure Nominations for 2012 International Gamers Awards! Heartfelt congratulations to our WizKids compatriots for their 2012 International Gamers Awards nominations. The two games chosen were (as you might have guessed) Star Trek Fleet Captains and Mage Knight: Board Game! Double kudos to Fleet Captains designers Mike Elliott, Bryan Kinsella and Ethan Pasternack and to Mage Knight designer Vlaada Chvatil for their excellent work. We’ve got our fingers crossed for both games when the winners are announced at Game Fair in Essen, Germany, early next month! Here’s more on the International Gamers Awards: The...

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Get your Discouragement Beam ready! With the memory of hanging out with Bill Fletcher at Comic-Con still fresh in our heads, our Portal 2 thrills keep coming with the announcement of these new WizKids Turrets due out in October. There are 10 designs in all, including the winner of the Wizkids fan poll to pick the last one — I might have gone with Hawaiian Shirt, but Table Turret won and indeed it’s pretty awesome: Hello, friend.  — Sentry Turret Versions of each design with arms closed and open (to reveal guns and their obnoxiously infinite amount of ammo) will...

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Hillside, N.J. & Cary, N.C.—May 29, 2012—This fall, Wizkids, game creator and wholly owned subsidiary of NECA, is enabling fans and players to unlock the wondrous world of HeroClix directly from their iPad devices, and have today announced the inclusion of Marvel Universe Super Heroes within the HeroClix TabApp™. Seamlessly integrating physical HeroClix miniatures from several Marvel lines, HeroClix TabApp™ will feature stylistic versions of Marvel Universe Super Heroes Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Cyclops and Iceman, the six original Marvel HeroClix series one figures, at launch. As Jamie Kampel, Director of Licensing, Marvel, explains, “We’re excited to partner...

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