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Bad guys, beware this week’s new releases! Two new figures begin their journey from our warehouse to retailers this week, striking fear into the hearts of villains as they go… Our newest Marvel 1/4 scale action figure – Dark World Thor – and the limited edition run of Classic 1989 Video Game Appearance RoboCop! Keep scrolling for more info, and be sure to check the product pages (linked below) for additional cool pictures. RoboCop Classic Video Game Appearance Action Figure Robocop is the third figure in our highly successful line of classic 8-Bit video game tributes. Released at the very...

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Can’t Stop the ‘Cop First came the Classic Video Game Jason SDCC Exclusive action figure. Then, Classic Video Game Freddy… Are we gonna make a habit of this? Heck yeah! Feast your eyes on NECA’s newest family member, straight from the ’80s with none of the bad fashion and all of the attitude… Classic Video Game Robocop! WARNING: If you never played the classic side-scroller, which hit the NES in 1989, this may be your first look at the unusual coloring scheme. Hey, it was the ’80s. Robocop Classic Video Game Appearance Action Figure Click the thumbnails below for larger...

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Part Man. Part Machine. All Action Figure. In our continuing celebration of Robocop’s 25th anniversary, we’re happy to announce that our latest Robocop action figure, the 7″ Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop, is shipping now. You may expect to see him at most store shelves next week. Just like in the original 1987 movie, Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop features a button on the back of its left leg that pops open a 2-panel holster where his Auto-9 pistol can be stored! Role Footage Here’s the holster in action: I’d buy that for a dollar! – Bixby Snyder A Closer Look Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop...

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Our Director of Product Development, Randy Falk, reveals upcoming figures and more at SDCC 2012! If you’re on Twitter, what you need to do immediately is follow Randy’s feed @NECA_TOYS. Why, you ask? How about last Thursday when Randy unveiled a slew of upcoming licenses and figures for the rest of this year and beyond? It was glorious. We could just say better luck next time and all that, but because we’re kind souls, here are just some of the best shots from Randy’s preview-night reveals at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Of course, none of these images are necessarily...

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Nothing can stop Robocop (from glowing) Children of the ’80s, rejoice! When I turned 25, all I got was the ability to legally rent a car, but then again, I’ve never been a cyborg police hero, so it makes sense that we’re giving Robocop the deluxe treatment to mark the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Today, we’re proud to unveil our latest Toys R Us exclusive: Night Fighter Robocop! And we all know nothing can stop Robocop — it says it right on the package! — but nothing cements immortality quite like an action figure. We’ve done plenty of other...

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