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Ever since we announced it earlier this year, we’ve been simply deluged with questions about the BioShock Infinite George Washington Motorized Patriot figure (mainly of the “When when WHEN?” variety). After some tantalizing teases, we can at last reveal Mr. Washington in all his creepy, slightly decrepit glory! He’s a Heavy Hitter That image, while indeed majestic, doesn’t really give you a sense of this bad boy’s true size, so take a look at George with Elizabeth from Series 1 of the BioShock Infinite action figures: At over 9″ tall, the Washington Patriot towers over Elizabeth’s svelte 6.5″ inches, giving...

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BioShock Infinite is set for release on March 26! With a little over a month to go until the release of BioShock Infinite, Irrational Games has posted a brand new trailer for the game and it features plenty of gameplay. BioShock Infinite is rated M for Mature, so, you know, try not to get any blood splattered on you. “Lamb of Columbia” Trailer Meeting the Infinite When it comes to BioShock, we’re ahead of the game – literally. We’ve already got a slew of BioShock Infinite items ready and raring to go. Here’s a quick round-up: BioShock Infinite 7″ Action...

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