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Taking flight soon! The Bat Gremlin is the result of yet another tragic case of accidental ingestion of liquid DNA. Check out new studio shots of the upcoming figure, set to ship in just a couple of weeks, and remember: always keep your experimental genetic serums clearly labeled “NOT JUICE.” Gremlins 2 – Deluxe Boxed Action Figure – Bat Gremlin Click on the thumbnails for larger versions: One of the most requested Gremlins figures of all time is finally here! Our latest deluxe action figure from Gremlins 2: The New Batch is the spectacular Bat Gremlin, with a massive wingspan...

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Coming soon to retailers! It’s a week of horror at the NECA warehouse! We’re shipping out the latest video game tribute figure (Mohawk from Gremlins 2); the retro Jason Lives clothed figure (from Friday the 13th Part 6); and for all you metal fans out there, the super-limited edition Iron Maiden Powerslave bust! Check the details and images below, and look for these in stores soon. Gremlins 2 – 7” Scale Action Figure – Mohawk (Video Game Appearance) Click on the thumbnails for larger versions: NECA’s line of classic video game tribute figures welcomes the most evil Gremlin of them...

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Mogwai Madness! This week a new assortment of cuddly creatures is headed to retailers. The Series 5 Mogwais were concept creations for Gremlins 2, and we went deep into the vaults to make these as accurate and adorable as possible. Check out the images below, and look for them on store shelves soon! Click the thumbnails for larger images: Series 5 includes Patches, Zoe, and Gary. These concept Mogwais were created by Rick Baker Studios for Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Over the past 20 years the original puppets have turned up at auction or in the hands of private...

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Coming soon to retailers! Two jumbo-sized releases start shipping to retail stores this week: the long-awaited Joker 1/4 Scale figure is our tribute to Heath Ledger’s haunting performance in The Dark Knight, and will be sure to bring a little mental instability to your collection. Then there’s the full-size Flasher Gremlin Stunt Puppet Replica — a limited edition release of 1,000 worldwide, and incredibly lifelike. Check out the pics below! The Dark Knight – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – The Joker Click the thumbnails for larger images. This amazing new 18″ tall figure is based on Heath Ledger’s haunting portrayal...

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A blockbuster bunch of figures are busting out! Toy Fair is all wrapped up, and we’re back to business, with an extra-large list of shipments headed out this week! Massive kaiju, the Man of Steel, a mustachioed Gentleman Caller Claptrap and a menacing Gremlins stunt puppet will reach retailers soon, so prepare yourselves. Pacific Rim – Series 3 Kaiju Ultra Deluxe Action Figures This series includes Trespasser and an all-new, battle-damaged Knifehead. Trespasser is the first Kaiju to emerge from the breach. It is huge in every way and features incredible detail, an enormous back fin, and over 20 points...

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