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When “Coming Soon” Meets “Now Available” We’ve had an awful lot of stuff in transit the last few weeks. Don’t believe me? Just look at the list. It’s starting to get claustrophobic in here. Time to get this stuff out to the public. We hope you have room on your shelves. Starting next week, your favorite figure retailers should be getting new figures from Prometheus, Left 4 Dead, Assassin’s Creed, Half-Life and RoboCop. Here’s a closer look: Prometheus Series 1 Our series 1 assortment of Prometheus action figures features 2 different versions of one of the most popular character from...

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Guess Who’s Got 6 Tongues… It’s Smoker! Of all the Infected out there in the world of Left 4 Dead — the Boomers, Jimmy Gibbs Junior, etc. — The Smoker might be the grossest of them all. Somehow, Smoker’s infection has resulted in a whopping six tongues, and a massive glut of tumors on the side of his neck. Good for letting you know he’s a zombie, bad for getting dates. He’s as lethal as he is ugly, however, and with the first Smoker 8″ action figure due out this fall, we thought we’d take a minute to let you...

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