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Boomstick included Hot on the heels of our most groovy Evil Dead 2 Series 1 action figures, we’re thrilled today to renew our membership in the Cult of Campbell with the brand new Evil Dead 2 Series 2! Shipping later this month (July, in case you needed to know), the latest installment in what is hopefully a minimum 57-series line features an all-new Hero Ash and our first-ever Deadite figure, Henrietta! Let’s head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch. — Ash Before we start sending these gorgeously horrific figures out, let’s take a closer look at...

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The first wave of our Evil Dead action figures is now out in stores, and the reviews are very much alive (unlike poor Ash). Watch The Video From QuarterBin painstaking attention to a character in plainclothes […] a lot of care going into making each Ash a distinctively different figure for every fan. From ShockTillYouDrop.com They are must-owns for any Evil Dead fans and are very welcome additions to my desk […] Bruce Campbell never looked so good in toy form What’s in Series 1? Series 1 brings us “Deadite Ash” and “Farewell to Arms Ash”, two very important moments...

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