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The Holographic Engineers Are Shipping This Week! Rule #1 of space travel: When you touch down on a seemingly-abandoned planet, if at any point you see footage of aliens fleeing a mysterious menace, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Of course, if the crew of the Prometheus had done that, the movie would have been a whole lot shorter, and we never would have been able to present Series 3 of our Prometheus action figures! Shipping this week to retailers, the figures capture the Engineers in their holographic form. Check out the image gallery! Prometheus 7″ Action Figures – Series 3 Click for higher-resolution...

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Prometheus Series 3 goes back before the beginning! Sound complicated? It is, and that’s the whole point of the movie. When exploring the planet LV-223, the crew of the Prometheus uncovers archival holographic footage of Engineers fleeing some invisible threat. The crew doesn’t find out what it is until it’s too late, and that’s where we come in. Series 3 of our Prometheus line captures the Engineers in their holographic form. Exquisitely detailed and presented in a painted translucent blue plastic, the new Engineers come in two versions: Pressure Suit and Chair Suit. Pressure Suit & Chair Suit Engineer Action...

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Prometheus Series 2 is shipping now! Don’t miss the first-ever figures of David 8 and The Deacon! Director Ridley Scott’s return to the franchise he helped create, Prometheus was as sublimely troubling as the original Alien. With the looming threat of total death and mindless destruction around at all times, the human characters’ quest for knowledge led them to their ultimate demise. Acid for blood, knives for teeth, ready to give your face a big ol’ hug. Following up on the success of the Series 1 Engineer Figures, we’re proud today to celebrate shipping out our Prometheus Series 2 7″...

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When “Coming Soon” Meets “Now Available” We’ve had an awful lot of stuff in transit the last few weeks. Don’t believe me? Just look at the list. It’s starting to get claustrophobic in here. Time to get this stuff out to the public. We hope you have room on your shelves. Starting next week, your favorite figure retailers should be getting new figures from Prometheus, Left 4 Dead, Assassin’s Creed, Half-Life and RoboCop. Here’s a closer look: Prometheus Series 1 Our series 1 assortment of Prometheus action figures features 2 different versions of one of the most popular character from...

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The Engineers Are Here! We were proud to show you the first glimpse at our Prometheus action figures and even prouder when we took almost the entire family to SDCC 2012. Today, we show you the official packaging for our Prometheus series 1 along some additional shots! Prometheus Action Figures – Series 1 Chair Suit From different angles: Figure height – 8.5″ tall Ball-Jointed Neck Ball Jointed Shoulders Ball Jointed Torso Swivel Biceps Insert Molded Ball-Hinge Elbows Ball Jointed Wrists Ball Jointed Hips Insert Molded Ball-Hinge Knees Ball Jointed Ankles Flexible Hoses & Tubes Pressure Suit Engineer Additional angles: Figure...

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