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Embrace Your Costumes, Win Prizes! Last year our Halloween costume contest received 100s of entries, and we had a lot of fun picking the winners. This year we’re expanding the categories and look forward to even more entries! Rules are pretty much the same as last year: To Participate In The Contest 3 Simple steps: Dress Up As Any NECA Action Figure Dress up as any character that NECA has immortalized as an action figure, current or past, as long as we made it as a toy it counts. We’ve had 100s of licenses over the years, there are plenty...

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Greetings trick-or-treaters, The most famous pagan dress-up tradition in the world has come to and end, even though we’re still knee deep in Kit Kats and M&Ms, and it’s time to announce the 5 lucky winners of the 2011 NECA Halloween Contest. Your submissions were nothing short of amazing and we had a really hard time picking the best ones. Sugar high or not, below are 5 folks that put a ton of effort into their costumes, divided by category: 1. Kids Costume Winner The winner will take home an assortment of our cutest plush and children-oriented merchanside. We’d be...

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